Monthly Archives: March 2019

Another computer earnings generator.


Download scrypt from my link above and install it.

Depends on your computer strength and also the number of invited persons you can earn big.


What to say? First: You must register to Computta site.


Second: then You must download Computta app at Computta website (red arrow leads to a download who doesn’t know English)

Third: install Computta file received by download.

Then RUN it and that’s all. At the benchmark you will see how much you can earn during the day, month and year. THEY PAY!

Picture bellow show You stats of mining from Your CPU, GPU, refferals, other computers in household. Good luck.

What to say? They pay in Russian Rubbles, but its not that bad. Use Payeer or BitCoin wallet to withdraw funds. Its free and also you can invest funds for buying birds who laid eggs for you. Payout is instant. Any questions? REGISTER and reply

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