What to say? You can choose to earn from scrypt by selecting witch crypto you want to harwest.

There is Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero and Nem.

We waiting for payout via BTC, as we are new members canot say nothing bad and nothing good. When you want to withdrawal funds must wait minimum (in this case BTC) of 0.003BTC. I can personal say that is the best choice to wait minimum and pay for automatic saver cause will get new posibility to not stay on page everytime. Normaly sugestion is to save every 0.00000300BTC till buy autosaver. Here is screenshot of site:

and here screenshot of scrypt mining:

feel free to join under our link:


We can not say SCAM before pass the days for payout. Must respect Payment Times.

Hello, this one we tryed to manage 3 months ago, origin was bitcoin-values.com. Now its a new site, same scrypt but bellongs to oominer.com.

We can not say nothing, waiting for payout to update our post here.

Minimum payout limit is 0.35BTC and off course better for you is to accumulate earnings for upgrade CPU and SPEED.

You can try system via next link:


Good luck everybody!

Be aware..that site is SCAM site, when you want to withdrawal your earnings must pay upgrade or pay 0.001BTC transaction fee.

When you pay the fee system automaticaly generate NEW wallet address.

We tryed to comunicate with somebody from minecenter.io but till now nothing happened.

If you still wish to try your fortune here is a link:


Good luck to all.

Hello, and what to say, we paid the upgrade to BUSINESS plan and spent 10 USD aproximately 0.001 BTC.

FREE members can not do “WITHDRAWAL” for their earnings.

ADMIN is very polite and did his or her job fantastic. Conversation was strictly word to word and in a few minutes all the work was done. If you want to join please click on the link below:


here is the screenshot of the webpage!

Rules of the payout:

Q: What is the minimum payment for the BUSINESS membership?

A:For the Business 0.005 BTC One time a month

Q: What is the minimum payment for the ENTERPRISE membership?

A: Enterprise is 0.25 BTC every Friday

Wish You the best of luck for your earnings.

For now its a SCAM site, the administrator doesn’t respond to our massages and if you want to withdraw your earnings you must pay to UPGRADE OR pay a FEE off 0.001 BTC.

after paying the FEE the site generates a new Wallet address so You have lost your money.

We will wait 7 days from yesterday and publish our review. Good day and happy earnings on the internet.

Another computer earnings generator.

Link: https://get.cryptobrowser.site/4530720

Download scrypt from my link above and install it.

Depends on your computer strength and also the number of invited persons you can earn big.


What to say? First: You must register to Computta site.

Link: https://computta.com/?ref=166781

Second: then You must download Computta app at Computta website (red arrow leads to a download who doesn’t know English)

Third: install Computta file received by download.

Then RUN it and that’s all. At the benchmark you will see how much you can earn during the day, month and year. THEY PAY!

Picture bellow show You stats of mining from Your CPU, GPU, refferals, other computers in household. Good luck.

What to say? They pay in Russian Rubbles, but its not that bad. Use Payeer or BitCoin wallet to withdraw funds. Its free and also you can invest funds for buying birds who laid eggs for you. Payout is instant. Any questions? REGISTER and reply


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